A revisit to a completed, tricky jewel of a project in County Mayo

I was in the area of a tricky project we completed a while back and I swung by to see how it looked and took a few photos (below).

I’ve written previously on this project HERE and HERE and funnily enough an architect who I know visited the property who said that “a project like this shows the benefit of getting an architect on board”.

Well, it’s still looking good and really adds great space and views to an already lovely cottage.

Below are a few key points about the extension:

• The extension orientates to the views and the sun without invading the privacy of nearby houses

• Specific windows look at different views all the way round the extension (you can see one of the exceptional views of the sea in the last photo)

• The covered area extends the living space whilst allowing you to sit and enjoy the outside protected from the County Mayo weather (you can see the outdoor gear stored under the cover)

If you are contemplating a project in 2021 – why not CONTACT US…

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