Well we made it. Project completed! #BIM #Vectorworks

Following on from THIS post where I showed a project in progress that involved considerable coordination of BIM model, drawings, fabrication & building.

Well, we finally got it complete!

Even when the steel was fabricated and I was having doubts it was correct and the steel had to be recut – the project has reached completion!

Involving hundreds of drawings; from concept to design to planning, to structure, to part, to plate, to assembly! Below are a few that needed to be drawn, coordinated & supervised on site…(in addition to those shown in the previous post):

Steel part drawing

Single part drawing

Plate drawing

Assembly drawing

And here are some of the completed photos – I’ll return to site when the project is fully completed with landscaping & footpaths completed:


Structural Engineer: Colm at OCC Engineers
Steel Fabrication Engineering: Damian at Walsh Steel Detailing
Steel Fabrication: Ryan Steel
Main Contractor: Steven O’Malley
Kitchen: Creative Wood – Westport

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