VR – continues in our work… @vectorworks mentioned #Twinmotion

The faithful readers will know of my involvement in Virtual Reality (VR) of many years. And it’s interesting that this blog is now documenting changes as they happen in this area.

In 2017 I wrote THIS POST on how we used the 3D and VR capabilities of #VectorWorks. We used the built-in VR tools within Vectorworks and Google VR to achieve an interactive model that clients can walk around. These tools are still in Vectorworks (if you may need to reimport the Export>Export WebView tool into the WorkSpace):

The movie below shows how this tool works:

Well. Fast forward over 6 years and come out the other side of a pandemic and we’ve been testing VR with the new Oculus headsets (the Quest 2 in this case – a special thanks to Stephen for the loan). Inspired by my 2nd son also who’s teaching how to use these headsets with Unreal Engine.

We’ve been using TwinMotion in conjunction with VectorWorks for a while now and the software has a built-in VR viewer that ‘pairs’ with the Oculus headset.

The results look great & really immersive; I’ve only tested it with a current design project (sketch design stage) but you really get a feel for the space; below is an image of what you’d see from within the headset:

View from the headset – obviously this 2D version loses the immersion element of the image being bed separately to both eyes.

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