The Magnificent Seven Churches in Donegal by Liam McCormick – #1 – Glenties @Gilleeece mentioned

As the faithful follower may know that I had a short break in Donegal recently where as a ‘busman’s holiday’ I dragged my better half and youngest (19) around the seven churches in County Donegal by Liam McCormick.

Many have made this pilgrimage before and below are a couple of links that give some excellent information on the projects (one of which by the lovely Emma Gilleece):

I would also highly recommend the books ‘Seven Donegal Churches’ by Carole Pollard – available from the RIAI bookshop or if you really have to HERE:

So, on with the pilgrimage. The first stop we made was Glenties, not the first of the churches (completed in 1974) but the closest on from our starting point of Killybegs. After I’ve written each post I’ll collate them in order of design/construction as it’s always interesting to see the development of designs in an architects work over time.

Therefore, below are a slideshow of photos with some captions:

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And a few comments by YT:

  • Liam McCormick was truly a master of light. Maximising daylight as much as possible and bringing it in powerfully across the altar through the vertical glazed panel and across the roof at clerestory level.
  • The coordination of architecture and structural engineering is magnificent – all great architecture combines great structural engineering
  • The design moves from 1:1000 to 1:500 to 1:100 to 1:20 to 1:5 to 1:1 – right down to the Gargoyles taking the water off the roof by Imogen Stuart
  • You can almost sense the dedication and passion that Liam McCormick puts into his work

    Next stop Donoughmore…

    Photographs by author – Copyright 2022

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