This simple blog post is how it all started @atusligo_ie We’ve all come a long way!

Looking back over my time here in Ireland, it was THIS BLOG POST in 2013 that kick started it all for me at what was then IT Sligo & is now Atlantic Technological University (ATU) – Sligo.

Wow what a journey. The course then was called Interior Architecture that had a Part I Accreditation with the RIBA and now we are very close to RIAI Accreditation for Year 4 of the Bachelor of Arts in Architecture (BArch) (fingers crossed).

What a journey it has been for me too; from the first blog post described above to a guest lecturer in 2013 (at the renamed course of ‘Architectural Design’ – again RIBA Part I Accredited) detailed HERE to working part-time in 2016 and then completing my first full year of teaching in 2018/19 detailed HERE and now all the way through to finishing another year and on track to starting a seventh year of contracted teaching; as well as awaiting results for a Level 9 Post Grad in effective Teaching & Learning!

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