Mark Stephens Architects pleased to be new @riaionline #ClimateChallenge signatory – have you signed ?

As well as being one of the founding signatories of Architects Declare Ireland, I am pleased to say that we’ve just been added to the list of founding signatories to the RIAI 2030 Climate Challenge.

You can see the new list of signatories HERE

You can see our listing below too:

You can download the full RIAI 2030 Climate Challenge HERE or there’s an ‘on-screen version’ HERE

In summary the Climate Challenge asks clients, Architects and other members of the design team to work towards four key targets in order for the construction sector to play its part responding to the climate and biodiversity crises.

  • Reduce operational energy demand between 33-66% (depending on typology),
  • Reduce embodied carbon by at least 40%,
  • Reduce potable water use by at least 40%,
  • Achieve core health and wellbeing targets.

    If you are running or in an RIAI Architectural Practive HAVE YOU SIGNED UP YET?

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