Really enjoyed being guest tutor @itsligo ;incredibly book I recommended still on reading list @OBUarchitecture #ResponsiveEnvironments

It’s been a long time but I’m finally going back to doing a little 3rd level lecturing. The difference this time is rather than it being about Vectorworks & CAD it’s about design and boy I really enjoyed it.

The course is Architectural Design at Sligo IT and the tutoring was 3rd year crits for a housing and urban design project – something right up my street.

So armed with scale rule, thoughts and opinions I helped to mould a few young minds in the intricacies of residential design.

What was incredible was that one of the books I recommended they read from my college days at Oxford Poly (now Oxford Brookes University) is still on their recommended reding list:

responsive environmentsResponsive Environments by Sue McGlynn (Author), Graham Smith (Author), Alan Alcock (Author), Paul Murrain (Author), Ian Bentley (Editor)

I’ve already written about Responsive Environments HERE, HERE and HERE and in my opinion the ideas and concepts on robustness, visual approriatemness etc are still highly relevant today and I’d highly recommend any architecture and urban design student to read it.

ps I’m also up for any other offers of guest lecturer / tutor in any educational establishment in the Ireland of ireland or UK (or even further afield!)

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