Work starting on this 2 storey extension to traditional 2 storey Sligo farmhouse #TimberFrame

We have a lot of projects starting on site at the moment (plus a lot just granted planning permission and are going through planning (fingers crossed); this timberframe extension to an existing 2 storey Sligo farmhouse creates a new courtyard and although large is (IMHO) a sensitive addition to a traditional structure that adds vital new accommodation to a family house.

Features include:

• Mark Stephens Architects as Architects, Design Certifiers & Assigned Certifiers under SI No. 9 of 2014
• Passive solar gain to south
• New courtyard
• Existing house essentially unaltered
• Timber frame (our first) and drawing below by IJM:


You can also see a flyover of the design below:

We have more cracking designs going through planning at the moment too – so watch this space! If you would like yo appoint us as YOUR architects then why not CONTACT US…

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