VR Oculus Quest 2 – Test 2 – SketchUp

Blog posts are like buses; you wait ages for one and then 2 come straight away.

So yesterday I wrote HERE about the testing we’ve been doing with the Oculus Quest 2 VR headset with VectorWorks and TwinMotion.

Today I’ve been looking at how the headset works with SketchUp and it’s pretty easy to set up with good results.

If you get the Studio version of SketchUp you get a stack of other apps that work with SketchUp – one of which is the VR viewer. Below is a screengrab of all the apps I have ‘out of the box’:

The app that you need is ‘SketchUp Viewer for Oculus/Vive’

Once you open up the headset – the SketchUp model kicks in (I uploaded it to my Trimble account first) and the navigation is straightforward with smooth movement, good viewing with the hand controllers working well.

Below is a screen grab of a recent model (special thanks to Justin (TY student)) from the desktop (obviously the headset version is fully immersive):

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