The magic of film takes over in this Lighthouse Keeper’s Cottage Restoration in Co. Mayo Ireland

The faithful reader will have seen the ongoing restoration work we’ve been undertaking at Ballyglass Lighthouse Keeper’s Cottage in Belmullet, Co. Mayo.

Well my work here (for a while is ending) where we now have the cast iron gutters, spike fixed into the walls completed (more photos to follow) and the magic of film takes over for the production of the forth coming film by Vic Sarin ‘Cry from the Sea’

Here’s the IMDB text for the film:

“CRY FROM THE SEA is the story of a lighthouse keeper stuck in a cycle of grief and the three people who change the course of his life: the housekeeper who quietly yearns for him; the beautiful American war widow whose quest for closure ignites something in him; and the hard-line priest, who starts a battle of wills with a man who has nothing to lose.” and you can read more about it HERE

Below are a few photographs just as they’re about to start filming…:

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A full set of credits to follow…

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