Test #3 @VectorWorks & VR Headsets #UnrealEngine

A trio of VectoWorks tests with the Oculus Quest 2 Headset.

HERE is the first with TwinMotion

HERE is the second with SketchUp.

And below is the third with Unreal Engine. But first what is Unreal Engine and why am I interested in it?

Basically it’s software that can bring a new level of real-time interactivity in 3D in a whole stack of areas; the screengrab below (from Unreal Engine’s website) shows were it can be used:

You can see how powerful Unreal Engine is if you pop over to their website HERE

Or if you want to see how the boundaries of film, animation and gaming are blurring; check out the YouTube below:

I also have an additional interest in that I have 2 sons currently using the software in games & teaching environments.

My interest is obviously in architecture so I wanted to test out the CAD software we use (VectorWorks) with it. The software imported a 3D model well (in the DataSmith format) and allowed fulled interactivity and editing in 3D with it.

I have a little work to get the hand controllers working but generally everything was working well also with the Oculus Quest 2 headset; below is a screengrab from within Unreal Engine (the immersive 3D view with the headset it trickier to grab):

Just another example of how we as architects and educators are harnessing technology to create better designs…

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