Conservation pilot scheme extended to vacant traditional farmhouses

The conservation pilot scheme for protected structures has just been extended to include vacant traditional farmhouses.

You can read more about the details of the cheme HERE and you can download details of the scheme pilot_conservation_advice_scheme_for_vacant_traditional_farmhouses

And the application form to apply is pilot_conservation_advice_scheme_for_vacant_traditional_farmhouses_application_form

As a Conservation Accredited Professional (RIAI Grade III (& in process to upgrade to RIAI Grade I or II ) – we can work with you on the application.

For more details and to book us for this – please CONTACT US…

Key aspects of the scheme are:

  • The grant is for traditional vernacular buildings; in Mayo built with for example stone, thatch etc…
  • A grant of a maximum of €50,000 is available for refurbishment of vacant properties for occupation as a principal private residence
  • Where the €50,000 is not enough; an additional €20,000 is available if the property is derelict or where the property is on derelict site’s register
  • The property needs to be derelict for 2 years or more
  • The grant will provide a grant of up to €7,500 (ex VAT) to cover the cost of having a conservation expert with proven and appropriate expertise to visit the property, conduct a survey, and compile tailored conservation advice for the property owner.
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