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I may not have told you this but I’m now a semester into a Post-Grad course in Effective Teaching & Learning (for my lecturing work at ATU-Sligo). This combined with academic children who are getting papers published led me to look for the papers my Dad co-wrote back in the day as a Lecturer at the Chelsea College of Science & Technology and later at Kings College, London.

Well (thanks to eldest lad) they were found. Still available. Online. And are given below to keep the name of my dad alive through the internet:

1. Single-electron capture by slow protons in helium, R K Colegrave and D B L Stephens 1968 J. Phys. B: Atom. Mol. Phys. 1 856

2. The absorption of energy by a pumped harmonic oscillator, R. K. COLEGRAVE, D. B. L. STEPHENS AND A. KHOSRAVI 1985

3. THE EFFECT OF DAMPING ON A PUMPED HARMONIC OSCILLATOR, R. K. Colegrave, A. Kosravi and D. B. L. Stephens and L.T. Wille, 1989

If I can find more, I’ll add them to this post…

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