A full year completed lecturing @itsligo #Architecture

Barring some marking; all of my lectures and design studio work have been completed for a year lecturing in Architecture at IT Sligo.

You can read more about the new Architecture course (currently undergoing RIAI Accreditation) HERE. I also wrote THIS POST in 2013 on the current batch of students (2nd-4th years) who are completing their course in Architectural Design (previously Interior Architecture) which was (and still is) RIBA Part I Accredited.

Well, it’s been a great year and I’ve really enjoyed it; mostly due to the great team of staff that have really welcomed me this year and made me part of the team.

I’ve found other benefits of the lecturing over the year – some of which have been a real surprise:

• I’ve been involved in third level lecturing for a great number of years; but this has been the key year that has made me realise that yes, I think I’m not bad at it. Having great colleagues has helped me develop as a lecturer – they have become my mentors. And I thank them for this.

• It’s been really hard work but I’ve enjoyed it. Anyone that thinks that lecturing is a doss with long holidays is in for a shock. For every hour I worked I must have put in triple (unpaid) in preparation. It’s also been fascinating to see behind the curtains regarding the politics, marking and logistics of keeping a third level course on the road.

• It’s really helping my own architectural work. Having the opportunity to discuss design, theory, concepts with students has been a great benefit and is something that you don’t get a chance to do working day to day in Practice. This has already benefitted the work we undertake in the Practice.

So, I’ll get back to the marking and my next post on this subject will show the great work the students have completed in their ‘Creative Showcase’ and of year/course exhibition.

I cannot recommend highly enough the students from ITSligo Architecture if you are an employer looking for a Part I Graduate.

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