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We’re working on an interesting but difficult project at the moment that has really tested our BIM resources. Below is an outline of the process to where we are now:

Step 1: Software: VectorWorks & ArchiCAD

Our in-house software is VectorWorks and the project was started in this but the sketch design phase of the project was completed in ArchiCAD

Step 2: Software: Revit To progress onto the structural design the drawings were exported to Revit as both 2D details and the IFC 3D (BIM) file:

Step 3: Software – Tekla

We don’t normally do this but in this case we had to engage the steel fabrication engineer directly. The software he used was Tekla (screen grab below):

Original image from http://www.ticodi.com/reviewinsight.aspx

Step 4: Checking – combining all the software to review the BIM model

What’s incredible about implementing BIM properly is that the IFC model can be exchanged between completely different software. In this case we were using Vectorworks, ArchiCAD, Revit and Tekla to produce and check every architectural, structural engineering and steel fabrication drawing. Below is a movie showing the resulting structure:

The steel frame was successfully erected yesterday (after a lot of ups and downs along the way), below are a few photographs of the resulting structure (you can now see how the view is framed with the frame):


Structural Engineer: Colm at OCC Engineers
Steel Fabrication Engineering: Damian at Walsh Steel Detailing
Steel Fabrication: Ryan Steel
Main Contractor: Steven O’Malley

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