How we use Virtual Reality… @vectorworks @MakeArchitects & @petegreaves mentioned #VR

I wrote THIS POST recently on my background in VR – I even had a company called conVRgence! – see what I did there πŸ˜‰

There’s a great post by Peter Greaves at Make architects on this subject HERE which explains the various ‘flavours’ of VR that architects (and clients) can use.

As the faithful reader knows we’re long-time users of Vectorworks (since it was MiniCAD v3) and we were excited to see a VR export to stereoscopic glasses be included in the latest version.

We’ve been testing this for a little while and it’s working brilliantly. We’ve won a couple of jobs with it and it’s already popular with clients where they get a much greater understanding of the space with it.

Essentially Vectorworks exports the 3D model as a fully explorable file that can be viewed on the internet. The viewing software in the browser then splits the single image into two stereoscopic images for each eye. The result of which is the impression that you are exploring the 3 dimensional space in 3D.

As discussed in the post by Peter Greaves, clients are then able to explore their designs using our 3D glasses or we can print/send a version for them to explore at home.

Image showing the split screen stereoscopic view

This is just another example of how we harness technology to make it easier for our clients and to deliver them great designs. If you are interested in more about us or what we do then why not CONTACT US…

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