Just 10 years left to appoint YT as architect who’s at the top of his game #Frightening #Life

It’s a frightening thought but I am in the final phase of my work life.

I’m now in my mid fifties and realistically when you take into account my children leaving school/college and the age of retirement – I am in the last 10 years of a ‘normal’ work life.

So. Act fast. If you’re looking for an architect in the West of Ireland (or further afield) who in his humble opinion is now at the top of his game – why not CONTACT US…

Let’s look at life for a moment:

Age in decades (This is how it is for me anyway)

0-10 = Birth, play school, primary school
10-20 = secondary school and college
20-30 = First Job & meet someone…
30-40 = Working hard, kids, beginning a business
40-50 = Building up a business & learning along the way
50-60 = Top of game working in both skills, experience, dealing with people and business. Get me before it’s too late!
>60 Let’s see…

Oscar Niemeyer – Image from Wikipedia. December 15, 1907 – December 5, 2012)

Who knows. I’ll probably carry on (for discerning clients) after this time. You never know I could match Oscar Niemeyer who was designing practically up to his death at 104!

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