First County #Mayo house added to Passive House Institute Database*

I’ve written about this recently completed County Mayo #nZEB #Passivhaus previously HERE and we’ve had the great news that after a lot of hard work, coordination & PHPP (the Passive House software) wrangling – the house has been entered into the Passive House Database as an ‘uncertified – PHPP double-checked’ Classic Passive House.

You can see the listing HERE

You can see an extract below which also links to the entry in the database:

You can read the ‘Tear Sheet’ again HERE and in addition to the people and companies that made this project possible (listed in the tear sheet) – a special thanks to Darren O’Gorman for the additional thermal bridge modelling.

* The house has undergone a fully verified PHPP analysis and matches the Passive House Criteria in every way including airtightness, windows, insulation etc… The PHPP is then double checked by the Passive House Institute for compliance and verification. Full Passive House Certification would require additional documentation which was decided against in this instance. The house is also nZEB compliant as evidenced during the construction process and DEAP/BER calculations/analysis.

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