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The last blog post of 2016 is this most viewed on Planning Myths & goes back to 2013!

This POST ON PLANNING MYTHS goes back to 2013 and was still the most popular of 2015, viewed nearly 7000 times. Great set of comments too. Everyone at Mark Stephens Architects wishes you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy Read More …

Sunday Business Post article on Building Regs by Karl Deeter

Saw this interesting article on current Building Regulations in Sunday Business Post by Karl Deeter. Raises interesting point whether the new regulations have improved build quality or simply made it easier to pinpoint who to sue.

Selfbuilding, SI9 #SundayBusinessPost @BregsBlog mentioned #RIAICouncilElection

This Sunday Business Post (December 14 2014) included the announcement that the Government is set to change the rules for self builders regarding S.I. No.9: The crux of the piece was covered in THIS BREGS POST where key points in Read More …

#BloggingTip #WordPress A blog post a day on one subject; Who are you?

I’ve seen this blogging tip before, so it’s not my invention but it’s one that I use on an irregular basis when I feel I have a subject that spans across several blog posts. Write a blog post every day Read More …