#BloggingTip #WordPress A blog post a day on one subject; Who are you?

I’ve seen this blogging tip before, so it’s not my invention but it’s one that I use on an irregular basis when I feel I have a subject that spans across several blog posts.

Write a blog post every day on a single subject.

It also gets you into the habit of blogging on a regular basis; even if you don’t continue to do it daily at least you know what it feels like and can continue at wider intervals.

And so it is with this subject.

Possibly the most important subject of all.

Who are you?

Where have you come from?

Where are you going?

I suppose it comes at a certain age (my fiftieth year on the planet).

With half of that time passed as ‘working-life’ – 25 Years in self-employed business (Gold watch please).

That you begin to look back on your life and ask yourself these critical questions.

So I am going to attempt to answer these of myself and post each introspection on a daily basis. Now I don’t know you but I hope the posts will give guidance if you feel your life lacks direction, if you have uncertainty over who you really are and whether what you are doing now has any benefit to your future. Big questions. Confused? Let’s take each blog post as it comes and hopefully as we go they’ll begin to make sense…

And although it’s completely illogical to be undertaking this based on a random calendar, January is probably still the best time to be asking yourself these questions and planning for the future.

Stay tuned, blog post #1 tomorrow…