Sunday Business Post article on Building Regs by Karl Deeter

Saw this interesting article on current Building Regulations in Sunday Business Post by Karl Deeter. Raises interesting point whether the new regulations have improved build quality or simply made it easier to pinpoint who to sue.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Business Post article on Building Regs by Karl Deeter

  1. Interesting article by Karl Deeter in this weeks sbp. Headline ‘new construction compliance regulations now contribute €38k to building cost for dwelling’ is misleading.

    Assigned certifier cost typically €3k to €4k. Cost is going down all the time with competition & gives clients a very good end product.

    Design certifier is not a new cost, unless houses were previously being built without a proper design.

    Ancilliary certifiers are not new cost unless houses were previously built without site inspections by designers

    Construction products regulations CPR is an EU harmonisation of standards for construction products & will help prevent future pyrite type problems from defective products. This is a good idea & does not cost more unless houses were previously built with uncertified materials, think pyrite.

    Contractors all risk insurance, don’t know why this is a new cost.

    Health & safety leglislation for small projects. hiring a PSDP is vital to manage construction related risks & prevent unnecessary injuries or death. Think temporary works scaffolding etc.

    Thermal modelling is not necessary if designers use the approved construction details in part l. No extra cost.

    1. Hi Liam

      All true but my argument is that under a self-certification model the architect or engineer is liable to miss something that the Building Control Officer (as per the UK model) will spot.

      You may say “I can check for everything”; I have worked (and continue to work) in the UK system and I can guarantee the BC officer will find something non-compliant or missing on your drawings.

      This combined with the developer employing his own Designer & Assigned Certifier is a recipe for continuing disaster; all under a system where there is a race to the bottom to provide a difficult service for the lowest fee


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