When trying to pick an architect – don’t focus too much on other houses they’ve done

Now this is a bit of a dichotomy: • You’re trying to pick the architect that’s perfect for you, your family and your project • Therefore you’re looking through their portfolio of work (HERE is ours by the way) • Read More …

Reminder of #Passivhaus Fact sheets at TeachPassiv.com

Quick reminder that I’ve put together a stack of PASSIVHAUS FACT SHEETS ON TEACHPASSV.COM More to follow!

16 #Passivhaus Fact Sheets on TeachPassiv.com

Did you know I’ve put together now 16 Passivhaus Fact Sheets on Passivhaus theory, design, detailing and construction. From the fundamentals of Passivhaus to technical sheets including PHPP advice for more experienced practioners. Click HERE for the full listing of Read More …

Now at 10 #Passivhaus Fact sheets on sister-site TeachPassiv.com

I’ve now written 10 Fact sheets on the sister site TeachPassiv.com You can access the FACT SHEETS HERE.