When trying to pick an architect – don’t focus too much on other houses they’ve done

Now this is a bit of a dichotomy:

• You’re trying to pick the architect that’s perfect for you, your family and your project

• Therefore you’re looking through their portfolio of work (HERE is ours by the way)

• You’re looking through the images and you’ve found one that’s your ‘style’. Maybe then you add the photo to Pinterest or to your Houzz Idea book and then maybe you’d like to visit some of the architects’ clients and see the work in person?:


Glazing detail from recently completed house extension in County Clare. Here we see stepped glazing with inverted mono-pitch roof together with the 1.0m buffer zone.

• The trick then is to realise that the house that you are now viewing or visiting is specifically for this client. Specifically for this client’s family and specifically for this house or site.

The resulting design for you and your family will be COMPLETELY different. An architect is trained to create a design that takes into account your dreams, your aspirations and the things that YOU are specifically looking for.

As you can see in our range of PROJECTS there is a vast variety of different work, an eclectic range from the very traditional to the very contemporary with all stops in between.

The trick therefore is to think about the architect’s general style but not to get too hung upon on specific looks or specific designs – the architect is trained to decipher what you’re looking for and convert that into a designed and built for.

Below are a few Fact Sheets that can help in this process:

I WANT ONE LIKE THIS PLEASE… (a very early Fact Sheet that’s still relevant today)


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