My architect’s desk – for @bobborson

Yesterday was a Bank Holiday in Ireland and in the great tradition of DIY and cleaning on bank holidays (luckily this time without a trip to accident & emergency) I set about the job of re-purposing a broken desk into a bigger, more powerful, stronger desk. The desk to end all other desks, a bionic desk if you like.

Basically, I took the legs off the wonky desk and screwed them onto the underside of an 8′ x 4′ sheet of MDF, I then had to bracket it it to the wall to stop the lateral movement.

Here it is, drum roll please…

My desk

My 8′ x 4′ architects desk, not handrail to mezzanine/bedroom below

I then ventured behind the ‘No-Go’ zone of ‘behind the desk’ to do a big clear out and now feel it’s clean enough to show @bobborson who did an excellent blog post a long while back on Architects’ Desks

When I need some inspiration I just look out the rooflight, view below:

View from office

View from office rooflight, note Ox mountains in background, reek of turf getting wet and an edge of a concrete barge to roof.

There you go, a little insight into my office environment.

ps I like to work downstairs in the living room too.

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