Conservation Reports for Planning Applications & mention for @HouseHistorian

Currently I’m in the process of writing two Conservation Reports for projects in Galway and Mayo and I’m surprising myself at how much I’m enjoying them.

The Planning Application process for a Protected (Listed in UK) Structure in Ireland is different to a standard application; I described the differences in this POST and to do it properly the report takes time and research. The basic description of what is required is straightforward:

“Additional drawings, photographs and other information are required to show how the development will affect the character of the structure.”

But a thorough report requires historical analysis of the property including cartographic studies, constructional and structural analysis together with method statements on how the building is to be treated in order to maintain the structure for a further couple of centuries without damage.

I’m really enjoying the research and analysis; it’s akin to researching a family tree but seeing how the threads of families interweave through the history of a house and then to explain the proposals to keep the building maintained and the rationale for any new development and what the impact of these proposals will be on the ‘character of the structure’.

For those interested in the history of houses I heartily recommend House Histories: The Secrets Behind Your Front Door by Melanie Backe-Hansen.

You can see more details on how I passed the RIAI Conservation Course by CLICKING HERE…

Hey Ho – back to the research…

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