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  1. Cuala McGann
    November 9, 2012

    good afternoon Mark,
    I have jst seen this. Thank you very much for your kind comments- really encouraging. I forgot of course to reply to your email about our timescale- sorry about that. We have been on site since 2009. We got the foundations poured then & froze the project for about 9 months so i could get trained as passive house designer.. We have been moving along steadily albeit slowly since then. Self buiding is not a quick process especially when confined to weekends 🙂 I hope that we can show you this project finished next year!!! have a lovely weekend.
    best regards


    • markstephensarchitect
      November 9, 2012

      Thanks Cuala and thanks again for the opportunity in seeing your house.

      What Passivhaus is doing is great but what we need is a building work force that can do other things than just lay blocks and what you’re doing at your house shows a. That it can be done and b. How to do it.

      Have a great weekend



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