I wrote this towards the end of last year & still sticking to it (for now)…

I wrote THIS POST in October last year and so far I’m sticking to the plan of undertaking design and planning on projects.

So far I’ve been sticking to the plan and it’s going OK. I still have a few projects on-site (a large house in Swinford, a smaller one starting in Mayo Abbey and an extension/conservation to an an existing house in Adare) but it looks (for the time being) that this situation is ongoing.

The benefit is that we can now really concentrate on the design element and getting them over the line with the planning permission. Below are a few examples from the ‘Design and Planning’ only projects that have just been granted planning permission:

Project granted planning

Caveat: I’m a great believer in ‘never saying never’ so if I’m approached for a project that sounds good – I’m open to offers – a fully Certified Passivhaus or a project that I really want to get involved in the build are examples.

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