Off-grid artists studio completed somewhere

I helped an artist a while back with their off-grid, home pod and studio; names & location private. Below is a quick animation of the original sketch design: And here’s how it turned out:

Completion reached on this #Mayo #House

We’ve just reached Practical Completion barring a few minor snags on this new house in Claremorris, Co. Mayo. below are a few photos that I took during at last visit (we’ll send our photographer back when the house has settled Read More …

Tear-sheet on this A3 rated house added to [PROJECTS] section of website

Following on from the tiled gallery I posted last week on this new, A3 rated, one-off house recently completed; below is image & link for ‘Tear-sheet’ on the same project: This is also included in the PROJECTS section of the Read More …

This A3 rated, one-off house now at completion [slideshow]

We’ve reached Completion on this A3 rated house in County Mayo, it is the first project we have completed under S.I. 9 of 2014. Below is a slideshow of a few images click on any of the images to enrage/move Read More …

Update on #Mayo #House Photos in progress

Below is a tiled mosaic of the photos of ‘Work in progress’ on this 2 & 1 storey one-off house in Co. Mayo, Ireland (first S.I.9 project on site):

Updated photos of project in County Longford

here’s a few site photos of the house getting a little closer to completion in County Longford. The ‘internal’ window giving impression house was built in stages came out well and the mezzanine bridge looking cool too.

Update on sun-grabbing house County Longford

A few site visit photos from the rural house in County Longford: