Our method of working changes (again) – Design and Planning ONLY!

The beauty of being a small business is that you are able to change direction in the way that you are working ‘on a sixpence’.

I wrote THIS POST in October of last year where we were restricting the number of projects that we were taking on.

This restriction has become tighter in that due to the current workload and other commitments, I’m currently and going forward, only taking on projects for design and planning only.

The reasons for this are numerous which I’m not going into here but the benefit to clients is that we can continue to create beautiful designs without the additional burden of having to build them. What we will be doing however is forming links and associations with others who would like to work with us in realising our work in built form. So if you’d like to work with us in this regard then please CONTACT US…

Caveat: I’m a great believer in ‘never saying never’ so if I’m approached for a project that sounds good – I’m open to offers – a fully Certified Passivhaus is an example.

ps current clients/projects that involve construction are still being completed

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