Big news for our work going forward…

The faithful readers will know that I have been teaching at IT Sligo for the last few years and it looks at the moment that I will undertaking more lecturing over the forthcoming period.

We are still completing projects and taking more projects on but unfortunately we won’t be able to take on EVERY single project (no matter what type, size – big or small).

The new projects that we are still taking on are:

  • New one-off houses (especially those with ultra low energy/Passive House calculated/certified)
  • Substantial house extensions; ie those >40m2 and requiring planning permission – especially those with extensive refurbishment, Passive House/EnerPHit calculated/certified

    To that end end if you’re looking for an architect to assist on your project – we have set up an ONLINE REQUEST FORM that’s a good first step to ascertain feasibility & best way to go forward.

    We look forward to passing on information to the Architecture students at Sligo and to continue in practice to create low energy, well designed buildings…

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