How much does an architect cost (again)…

If there’s one blog post that I return to again and again it’s this one. And it’s also the question I am asked the most; generally the question is along the lines: ‘How much does a set of plans cost’

You can see previous posts on this subject HERE (2017), HERE (2015), HERE (2012) and HERE (2010). What’s interesting is how long these go back and that I’m still in business!

What’s also interesting is that the story has been more or less the same throughout.

And the last interesting thing that I’ve noticed over the many years of being in business is that there seems to be (in a certain part of the population) a real hatred of paying professional fees. There is always money for the latest cooker or the travertine marble but there’s a big aversion to paying architects and engineers to do their work well. To that population I say this:

In order to get the quality of concept, design, detailing and construction similar to that shown below. Costs money:

Well anyways, I’ve put together a new ‘How much does an architect cost?: FACT SHEET’ which gives much more detail, on how much we specifically cost and how we can be appointed… I’ve also included this now in the Right hand ‘Important stuff before you start…’ widget on the HOME page.

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