How much does an architect cost ? 2017 Prices

This is the topic I return to again and again!

THIS POST summarises and has links to the older posts (going back to 2010)

THIS POST goes through our new business model for initial consultations and ‘sketch’ designs

Pricing strategy for 2017…

So how much would it cost therefore from beginning to end? Inception to completion? Blank site to turning the key?

Over the last few years I’ve been working on the basis of an agreed lump sum; everything is understood about what’s in and what’s out, the cost is realistic based on the scope of the project and it allows me to budget exactly for income and profit on each job.

Typically a new house project divides into four stages (Work stages):

Work Stage 1: Sketch Design
Work Stage 2: Developed Design (planning)
Work Stage 3: Construction (Tender) Information
Work Stage 4: On site – inspection & certification

And based on the idea that’s what good enough for Frank Lloyd Wright will be good enough for me (Fallingwater cost $155,000 with the architect’s fee at 5% which equates to a percentage of approximately 5%.)

So, if you’re building a 2500 square foot house at €135 per square foot. The build cost works out as €337,500. Did I tell you this post was also a wake up call on the costs of construction!

Therefore you should be looking at an architect’s fee of €16,875 at 5%. When you divide this between the four work stages it equates approximately to €4000 per work stage. Now this is a more understandable & workable amount for clients – we could be together a long time and the fees can spread out over a few years!

But the problem is that each project typically has a different size, scale, scope, level of finish so each project is costed separately.

Therefore if you’re looking to pin-down the price of us for your architectural project, why not BOOK IN an initial consultation NOW! and if you have any questions, then why not CONTACT US…

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  1. This is one of the best topics that everyone who are planning to build their dream home. The price of hiring an architect might increase next year so you have to adjust your budget with it as well. Make sure that you find the professional that will be worth the every penny that you will pay.

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