Why use an architect #2 – @RIAIonline mentioned

I wrote THIS POST a few days ago on why you should choose an architect as opposed to anyone else for your project. This included THIS PDF which outlined firstly the reasons for choosing an architect and secondly why you should choose Mark Stephens as yours.

I had a coincidental meeting with a client whose house we have currently completed and what she said resonated on what her house brings to her which only an architect could have delivered:

• A ‘Rolls-Royce’ level of design skill – the spaces flow elegantly from one to another, no space is wasted and the views you want to see are seen and the ones you don’t are hidden

• From the suns’ early morning rays that light the breakfast to the setting sun in the evening – the house is perfectly set to catch the sun throughout the day

• A level of technological construction that has resulted in a house costing a few hundred euro to heat for the year.

I couldn’t have said it better myself. This is what an architect brings to the table.

If you are in the Connacht area and looking for an architect then why not CONTACT US… or if you are further afield then find an architect closer to you on the RIAI PRACTICE DIRECTORY

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