How much does an architect cost ? The answer is… [new business model update]

The faithful readers will know I’ve written on this subject a few times (type in ‘how much does an architect cost’ in the search box!).

This post also gives an update on our new business model where the first stage of the project is booked and paid for online. As I’ve said previously on a few occasions; with the practice getting busier, it has become impossible to meet the the enquiries we’re getting in the area that we cover free of charge (just the Connacht region and this doesn’t cover the full area we serve is 17,786 km²).

So how much does an architect cost?

The answer depends on what you’re looking for. To kick a project off the ground the cost starts at €150 inclusive of VAT

So the services we now provide for Initial Consultations, House extension or remodelling ideas or House Design Ideas are now bookable and paid for online. And the result is that they are working well for both us and the client. The benefits of them are:

• Clients can get started on a project at a lower level of commitment and cost
• The service and price are fixed – there are no hidden extras other than if the project goes further
• The cost of these ‘initial’ services are factored in should the project go further
• There are several options regarding payment; including BACS, credit card/PayPal

So if you are interested in taking on one of these services, why not visit our online SHOP and get YOUR project started!

If you have any questions regarding the above, please leave a comment or CONTACT US…

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