Getting Planning Permission isn't easy and can be expensive…

I thought I’d share a couple of ‘challenges’ we’re having at the moment on planning applications…

I’ve written before HERE on why it isn’t the design that can scupper your planning permission – I’m confident if that if we work together we can arrive at a design that you and the planners can be happy with. I emphasise WORKING TOGETHER. That is you, the client being flexible over what can be achieved with respect to planning and your budget.

So, not including my own architectural fees, I have several clients at the moment who are at ‘Pre-planning’ stage or at ‘Further Information’ planning stage where the council have requested the following. Each would include an additional expense which I’ve noted below. You could probably find more expensive quotes and probably some cheaper. What’s important to emphasise is that it’s practically impossible to forecast what will come up in planning requests of this type:

• Relocating the house such that an additional EPA Site Suitability Assessment is required – add in at least €500 plus cost of digger

• Archaeological Assessment and Report – Factor in another min €500

• Flood Risk Assessment – Factor in at least €1000

• Landscaping Proposals by suitably qualified person – we’re currently looking at this. The good news is that I can do the drawing as the software I use as a landscaping module that includes Latin plant names !

• And thanks to Eoin O’Keeffe I also forgot the Ecology (Natura) Assessment & Report – factor in another grand or so!

So, be prepared for fun, shenanigans & costs when you go for planning!

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