So you think you're a good architect; do you design these for your projects too? #FLW

I’ve been looking at planning a trip later in the year to Chicago as an ‘architectural tour’ of mostly work by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Now we all know about his classic buildings:

Fallingwater – Image from


Robie House – Image from Wikimedia

And we sort of knew about the furniture he designed for the houses:

Side chair – image from

But what about the vent grilles on the house?:

Ventilation grille – image from

Or the Fire-place tools!:

Fire place tools – image from

Or the wallpaper designs:

Image from

Or how about your wives dresses!:

Unknown source for this image, sorry

I could go on. And on. And on. Now that is an architect; the designer of everything you see and touch. The incredible legacy of work by Frank Lloyd Wright that is an inspiration to all designers.

More to follow on this later in the year – watch this space…

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