We also do #Conservation Reports for #Planning

conservation_reportThought I’d let you know that we are also asked as RIAI Architects Accredited in Conservation (Grade III) to undertake Conservation Reports as part of the planning application process. We’ve undertaken a few so far since becoming accredited and we’re currently working on another at the moment (more information to follow on this once cleared). A Conservation Report at planning stage is a standard requirement on Protected and other Heritage buildings and structures.

For details on the RIAI Conservation Accreditation System CLICK HERE and for details on the RIAI Guidelines for the Conservation of Buildings CLICK HERE

We’re revisiting the Ballyglass Lighthouse project below (we obtained planning permission and was the first project we undertook a conservation report) at Easter – more also to follow on this:

Lighthouse Keepers Cottage

Lighthouse Keepers Cottage BEFORE

There is no problem or conflict of interest in us working with your existing architects in the preparation of Conservation Reports or we can also provide this service in addition to our regular architectural appointment.

For more information, please do not hesitate to CONTACT US...

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