Choosing an architect : Compare apples with apples

It’s very important that when you are choosing an architect that you fully understand the services that he/she will provide and how much time they will spend on your project.


So it’s for this reason that I’m saying compare apples with apples

You need to make sure that when comparing architects and their prices that you are making sure that you are undertaking an accurate comparison. The culture in Ireland has been that those providing architectural drawings (and by-and-large not generally by architects) are ‘drawing-up’ the design provided by the client ( remember that an architect should never draw what the client asks for ), or modifying a design provided by the client. Then obtaining planning permission and providing construction drawings that do not contain enough information to accurately price from. I’ve written previously about this in the post: The difference between planning and construction drawings.

So when choosing an architect, make sure that:

  • You are clear about the work stages that you require your architect to perform. You can see the services we provide in the SERVICES section of the website
  • Then make sure you are confident about how much work is going to put into each work stage: How many design variations will the architect undertake at sketch design stage? Will your architect make changes to the design if there is a Further Information request? How much detail will the architect go into at Production Information stage (RIAI Work Stage 3) – we have even specified toilet roll holders and toilet seats as an example. The amount of effort in this work stage is considerable and is underestimated by the client (and frequently the architect)
  • If your architect is appointed for Work Stage 4: Construction, find out typically how often he/she will be inspecting the work, working with you and your contractor and providing additional drawings to resolve details etc…

    Now I know how long I spend working on projects to ensure I provide the correct level of service to a client (and also not end up working for zilch or minimum wage), I do this by tallying my charge to clients against the time which is carefully logged on time sheets ( Read here why time-sheets are important to architects ).

    So, when choosing an architect, make sure you compare apples with apples. And then choose accordingly.

    So, if you’re looking for an architect in the west of Ireland, then please do not hesitate to CONTACT ME…

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