#Vectorworks Tip: What should be modelled & what should be annotated?

When amending a drawing you need to think carefully about whether it’s quicker to change the model or simply to draw on the Viewport annotation.

For example, say you need to change the number of vertical mullions on a window. Apologies in advance to UK/Ireland users for ‘Muntins’ instead of ‘Mullions’

You could quickly annotate the Viewport and draw in 2 sets of double lines as below (here I’m using the SmartCursor snap to distance of 1/3):


The alternative would be to edit the Window settings and change the number of Vertical Bars in the Muntins settings as below:

annotate 1

Now there’s probably not much difference in time between these two methods but imagine you have to change the number of mullions on a number of similar windows.

You can use the eyedropper tool to pick up the attributes of the first window and ‘bucket’ down the number of mullions to every subsequent window as below:


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