A big shout out to Michael Kourtellos @3dtoolbox #Vectorworks

It feels as if I have come back into the Vectorworks fold slightly after completing the 101 Tips and Tricks for Vectorworks e-book on Amazon Kindle:
3D_book And it’s led me to discuss Vectorworks matters with a host of different people, some of whom go back a long way.

This first shout out therefore goes to Michael Kourtellos ( @3dtoolbox ) at 3DToolBox.com who are still supplying, training and providing support in Vectorworks and other CAD/Digital design software.

To give you an idea how far back Michael goes, I supplied his first 3rd Party MiniCAD+ tutorial manual I’d written to him in 1995 (I still even have the original invoice for the manual):


And this set Michael off on his MiniCAD and Vectorworks career, initially at Gomark, then Computers Unlimited and now in his own business at 3DToolBox.com. Admittedly I can’t take all the glory as Michael is an exceptionally bright lad and a pleasure to work with. Michael has also supplied one of the ‘Guest Tips’ in the above e-book

What’s interesting is that the original manual was printed on a laser printer and then bound separately on the living room floor and posted out to purchasers. Now it’s a simple download at a fifth of the price. It truly is a different world we’re currently living in.

More ‘old timers’ shout-outs to follow…

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