A summary of Rome blog posts & comment…

In case you’ve missed them, below is a summary of the blog posts from the recent few days in Rome:

The Corinthian Order

The Doric and Ionic Orders

The Feminine Ionic Order

You often hear complaints something along the lines of “Why can’t they build like they did in classical times” What should be remembered is that the buildings of this period were designed to impart the feeling of awe and wonder; we forget that Colosseum comes from Collosseus meaning gigantic. The techniques and construction methods were the cutting edge of their time; I tweeted the photo below earlier that the Romans were the inventors of concrete!


Yet we still need to create an architecture that inspires and instills
this sense of awe and wonder but why should we use materials and methods
from ancient periods? Let’s get imaginative with our designs and our materials; we already use highly insulative materials in our building but we still need to combine these with great awe inspiring design.

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