Ionic and Doric #Orders- a potted #history

Following on from the potted history of the Corinthian Order let’s backtrack a bit on the earlier Doric and Ionic orders:

Potted History of the Doric and Ionic Orders:

The Athenians despatched Ion (son of Xuthus & Creusa) to colonise Asia Minor. After the indigenous Carians and Lelegans were driven out, this area was named Ionia and the first temple (to Panionion) was built in a similar style to that seen in Achaea which was in the Dorian states and hence the Doric Order.

The Doric column exhibited the “proportions, strength and beauty of the body of a man”, looking to build a temple to Diana in a feminine style the columns included scroll ornaments (volutes) that were similar to curly ringlets and the column was fluted “like the folds in robes worn by matrons”
Therefore this feminine style, originated by the Ionians was called the Ionic Order.

The three main Orders together at the Colosseum, Rome; from low to high: Doric, Ionic, Corinthian.