The Ionic Order and the exquisite Sir John Soane’s Museum @soanemuseum

It’s funny how something’s occur, a bit like in Apollo 13 when Jim Lovell is guided home by the phosphorescence in the sea!

I had such a moment (although not as life saving or dramatic) after returning from a short trip to Rome, writing a blog post on the Ionic Order and then visiting the exquisite Sir John Soane’s Museum at 13 Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London.

In the blog post I described the Ionic Order as feminine with the ‘scroll ornaments (volutes) that were similar to curly ringlets’ and there in the gift shop was a postcard that illustrates the concept and metaphor perfectly.


Image copyright Sir John Soane’s Museum 2012

It was strange to see this perfect explanation as well as the plaster casts of the Corinthian columns and friezes taken by Sir John Soane on his travels such a short time after returning from seeing the actual article.

The museum is delightful and I highly recommend a visit; it’s one of the little known gems of London and it’s free to visit.
The volunteer warders at the museum were also the most knowledgeable of any I’ve experienced at any museum.

For more information on the museum, Sir John Soane and visiting times etc…visit

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