What if I don't like what you design for me?

I’ve heard this a few times.

“What if I don’t like what you design for me?”

It’s an interesting question and the answer comes from the cyclical process that the architect goes through when designing and working with you.

The way I approach the design process varies but it infrequently involves model making (normally foamboard) and 2D drawings with 3D visuals. For more information on the modelmaking and design process CLICK HERE

What’s interesting is that when clients look at examples of my work they sometimes say “I don’t want one like that”; this is good – it narrows down the things that you like or dislike in order to get to the right design faster.


Also it’s important to point out that all of the designs I’ve done are for other people, they’re not for you. Your design is a specific solution to your specific requirements.

The designs do have a common thread running through them; mostly they lull you with what looks like traditional design but they have a contemporary twist somewhere. They are are also light, bright and airy, built well with heaps of insulation and lack of draughts. They also range from very contemporary to very traditional and all stops in-between (I might do a blog post showing this range in graph form at some point).

I will therefore work with you to work towards the right design for you; there may be some gentle prodding along the way (this is typical of the design process – you have watched ‘Room to Improve’)? It may not happen instantly but I’ll work exceptionally hard to get what’s right for you and your family, your site/house and your local authority planning department.

I’m not asking that you like all of the work I’ve done but I think that it’s important that when you look at the examples (click on image opposite) that you can find at least one that you like. I’ve done quite a lot of projects in Ireland in a very short amount of time ; if you like my work and you’re looking for an architect in the West of Ireland then please CONTACT ME…

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