The No Vote wins! Jens Voigt beats hour and I win best website of week

What a week for winners and losers:

1. Scotland decided against being independent.

2. Jens Voigt beats the hour record:

Photograph: Peter Klaunzer/ap via The Guardian

Click HERE for The Guardian article on the hour record.

3. I win ‘Best Hosted UK2 website of the week’ with


But what is ? Basically it’s my own personal website where I also try out new ideas, different themes, plug-ins etc… This is why it may look a little more ‘funky’ whereas the business site (what you’re reading now) is a little more serious and content based.

Anyway, off now to work out what we’re going to spend the £25 Amazon gift voucher prize on…

For more details on UK2 Domains/Hosting etc CLICK HERE….

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