Differences between Ireland and UK…

I wrote THIS POST a while back (2011) on the differences between UK and Ireland which focussed on site notices advertising the planning application.

I’ve been luck enough over the last few works to be working the opposite way round on projects in the UK and it’s been interesting comparing the differences in work methods:

• I’m under a UK Building Control system; everything I draw and construct is submitted and checked by the Local Authority (or independent authorised Building Inspectors) at both drawing and site inspection stage rather than the self-regulation of Ireland.

• I’m back working to brick dimensions. I do very little brickwork in Ireland as most of the walls are rendered blockwork. I know I’m meant to be working at least to blockwork dimensions but the accuracy of the contractors means that we end up cutting blocks anyway.

• Windows are standard sizes. In Ireland all the windows are generally custom made to whatever size is constructed.

• The cavity insulation tends to be partial fill at an approximate u-value of 0.224 W/m2K; in Ireland I tend to work full-fill (platinum multi-bead which can be used on blockwork but not brick) to a u-value of 0.15 W/m2K

• Because of the above the cavities tend to be a lot wider in Ireland; 200mm as opposed to 125mm. My Passivhaus work has cavities from 250mm-300mm.

If I can think of any more, I’ll add them…

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