The greatest fictional architect and house is…

It’s funny looking back on the influences that have shaped you. And looking back I guess the film ‘Endless Night’ (based on the Agatha Christie suspense novel) definitely had to have done something. For those unfamiliar with the 1972 film, here is the IMDB summary

Well anyway, to answer the titles question, the answer is the architect Santonix (played by Per Oscarsson in the film) who designs and builds a beautiful contemporary home for the couple in the film.

But what is it that makes it so cool?

I didn’t see the film when it was originally released (I would have been only 9!) but saw it on TV a few years later and realised a few things about what architects did.

1. They make models of cool houses:

Screen grab of Santonix' model of the house

Screen grab of Santonix' model of the house

2. They do the drawings that the builders use to build the cool houses:

Santonix' House under construction

Santonix' House under construction

3. The Architect delivers a beautiful home

Santonix House Complete

Santonix House Complete

4. The Architect Designs some cool things in the house:

There are some lovely cheesy things in the house; sliding pool cover, one-way glass, revolving walls, sliding drinks tray (ah the glorious cheesiness of it):

Sliding pool cover, one-way glass, light, space ...

Sliding pool cover, one-way glass, light, space ...

I read the novel a few years later and Agatha Christie really understands what a good house is about, here is Santonix explaining:

“The house only isn’t enough, you see. It has to have the setting. That’s just as important. It’s like a ruby or an emerald. A beautiful stone is only a beautiful stone. It doesn’t lead you anywhere further. It doesn’t mean anything, it has no form or significance until it has its setting…I take the setting…out of the landscape, where it exists in its own right. It has no meaning until there is my house sitting proudly like a jewel within its grasp…”

I’ve never found out whether this house actually exists (anyone know?) but the location is real, CLICK HERE FOR YOUTUBE VIDEO OF LOCATION

Penultimate post before Christmas…Counting down…

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  1. Mark, I’m not familiar with this film, but I’d like to find it.
    I think a lot about books and films that include our profession. It’s a main theme at my Building Content blog.

    Thanks for sharing “Endless Night.”

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