Do you have a project in the west of Ireland?

Calling all clients and Architects with a project in the West of Ireland:

It’s not often that I give a complete and blatant plug for services but I thought that it’s important to let you know how I work with my UK and overseas clients:

I have several clients (both past and present) that have properties in the west of Ireland that need refurbishment, extensions and the like. I am often appointed as architect without actually meeting the client, the briefing, design and planning application process frequently takes place over the Internet (more below) and then there are very few site meetings once the project is being constructed. How is this possible and what methods do I employ to make this process as smooth as possible:

1. I’m very approachable

As you will have probably seen from my social media profile on Twitter, FaceBook and Ask The Architect – I am a VERY approachable architect and person, I’m happy to help and answer any questions at any stage. I try to be as patient as possible with clients and contractors during what can often be a very stressful period.

2. I employ technology to benefit you and a means to an end

During the design process my designs are shown in 3D, often with animations, I also create foamboard models that help to explain ideas. These drawings, 3D views etc… are exchanged between me and the client via email and YouTube movies. At all stages you as client can see exactly what’s happening; you can make amendments, tweak the design, see how shadows fall on the site at specific times of the year…

3. Once on site EVERYTHING is photographed and documented.

Once we get on site and the construction is underway, the entire operation is photographed and documented on flickr.

You can see a typical project below:

Foxford House refurbishment/extension Flickr photos

Here’s a photo of the completed project, during the design and build I probably met the client less than half a dozen times:

This is done so that you can see exactly what is happening at all stages. There are no surprises on site. It gives you the client a level of control on what is happening.

4. Every expense is documented.

As well as working with me under a standard RIAI Agreement (The Agreement between Architect and Client for Domestic Work), I also manage the build, contractor and payments to your contractor under an RIAI Agreement (For domestic work I recommend the RIAI SF88 (Short Form) of contract that handles domestic work admirably without being too long & wordy.

Once the project is on site with an agreed fixed sum, every change is documented via ‘Architects’ Instructions’ where every variation and it’s associated cost implication is documented.

5. I work alongside UK Architects

If you are a UK/RIBA Architect, I can work alongside you, being your Irish arm on your west of Ireland project. I am a trained, qualified and registered ARB/RIBA architect as well as being a member of the RIAI. I can speak your ‘language’ and work with you to overcome the hurdles of the Irish planning and building system.

Typical projects of this type include: new houses, extensions, refurbishments, replacement dwellings etc… The photo below shows a project in Achill where we obtained planning permission for a replacement dwelling on the footprint of the ruins of an old house and shed:

I can work throughout Ireland but most of my work is in the following counties:

* Mayo
* Sligo
* Roscommon
* Galway
* Clare.

If you have a project of this type, please do not hesitate to contact me and I look forward to hearing from you.


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