STOP PRESS – Building Control contacts architect on completion cc @BRegsBlog

You know the drill, no names, no pack-drill but something unheard of happened this week.

We were contacted by Building Control on completion of a project. For those in the UK this will be hard to believe as they would have had contact with Building Control Officers (or the like) throughout the project.

This is interesting as it highlights the key areas that Building Control are looking for confirmation on completion.

The request was for:

• Final BER and Part L Specification Report as produced using the DEAP software.

• Air pressure results.

We’ve been working to preliminary calculations throughout and there won’t be a problem with this but it raises the point over what would happen if the building did not comply…

2 thoughts on “STOP PRESS – Building Control contacts architect on completion cc @BRegsBlog

  1. but it has to comply

    …………. as the designer you CERTIFIED that that the design did comply at the Commencement Notice stage,

    ………. as the A/C you would be CERTIFYING that it did comply with the certified design

    – if it did not comply, then surely you would not have signed the completion cert !

    …… and without the completion Cert, the house wont (ever) be occupied until it the owners barrister sorts out liability with the Architect’s & builder’s barristers.

    …..Look ! a flying pig !

    1. Ha, there’s a lot of dodgy certificates & court cases going to fly with the pigs. We’ve been doing preliminary airtightness & BER throughout so we know it will pass – others would be less confident

      Thanks for comment


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