A few observations on opting out of SI9… @BRegsBlog

There’s a few things that have arisen regarding clients and opting out of SI 9 recently that I thought I’d share:

Firstly, if you’re not sure what I’m talking about with opting in or out – read THIS first

So, here are the observations and misunderstandings I’ve encountered recently:

1. You’re not opting out of the Building Regulations. You still have to construct your house or extension to the requirements of the Building Regs. Genuinely some people I’ve met have thought that they can now build anything they want in whatever way they want and it doesn’t have to conform to any of the Regs!

2. You still have to upload a stack of paperwork. Including drawings etc that show how you are going to construct your house or extension to the Building Regulations. Some Councils are also asking for your BER/DEAP Calculations showing that you will be compliant with Part L of the Building regulations.

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